Lives and works in Joshua Tree, CA


CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles, Psychic Violence in America

R02, Dallas, How Terrible Sin Is

Brand 10 Art Space, Fort Worth, TX, forever eve

Webb Gallery, Waxahachie, TX, Song of Myself

VAN HORN, Dusseldorf, Once Upon A Stratum of Consciousness
Sala Diaz, San Antonio, Texas

VAN HORN, Dusseldorf, The Dramatic Upheaval & Ultimate Fall of the Status Quo

Smith-Stewart, New York, The Love That Has No Opposite

VAN HORN, Dusseldorf, The Devil’s Daughter

Mixture Contemporary Art, Houston, The Heroine’s Trip

Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery, San Fransisco, Western Witch, Season of the

The MAC, Dallas, Texas, Georganne Deen: 1992-2002
Barry Whistler Gallery, Dallas, Texas, I Gave it All Away for Love
Mixture Contemporary Art, Houston, TX, The New Alchemy (From Shit City)

Babilonia 1808, Berkeley, CA, The Secret Storm

Waikato Museum of Art, Hamilton, New Zealand, 15 Psychic Orgasms

Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand

Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, Un Fuc Me (and let me live again)
The Power Plant Public Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Georganne Deen

The Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman University, L.A., CA, Georganne Deen
Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, Thru the Super Mirror
Studio Camuffo, Venice, Italy, If That’s All You Can Remember

Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, The Mind Hospital

Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, The Mother Load

La Luz de Jesus Gallery, L.A., CA, Crying Game

Zero Zero Gallery, L.A., CA, Georganne Deen


CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles, Hot Time Summer in the City
Meadows Museum, Shreveport, LA, Picture Show of the Mind, a Tribute to the Teachings of Lee Baxter Davis

CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles, Summer Reverie
Pablo Gallery, Manila Philippines, Art Fair Philippines
Blanc Compund, Manila Philippines, Melted City

Riverside City College, Riverside, CA, The Godfrey Daniels School of Charm
Bunsen Goetz Galerie, Nuremberg, Germany, Golden State

McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas, TX, The MAC @ 20
Bridget Meyer Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, Ballet X

Musee de la Halle St. Pierre, Paris, Hey!
The Brandon Gallery, Houston, (Inaugural) Group Exhibition
The Brandon Gallery, Houston Group Exhibition with Lee Baxter Davis, Gary Panter, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Robin O’Neill

C24, NY, N.Y. CAMPAIGN, curated by Amy Smith Stewart
Lavignes Bastille, Paris, United Dead Artists
Juan Silio Galeria, Santander Spain, I Am You, You Are Me, perhaps.., curated by Kevin Power
Snake Pit, Lost in a Dream, Auckland, curated by Rob Garrett
Bangkok University Gallery, Transnational Narrations, Curated by Kevin Power

Shoshona Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, Chain Mail, curated by Doug Harvey and Christian Cummings
Webb Gallery, Lady Comix Art, Super Secret Crush, Waxahachie, Texas
25 Year Anniversary, La Luz de Jesus, L.A.
NADA Art Basel Miami, VAN HORN

The Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, Texas, Desire
Puerto de Santander, Spain, Libro de Cuentos, collecion Fernando Fernadez

Smith-Stewart Gallery, NY, Pink Panther
Art Forum Berlin, VAN HORN
Liste, Basel, VAN HORN

Villa Merkel, Esslingen Germany, 5000 Years of Modern Art
Liste, Basel, VAN HORN
House of Campari, N.Y., Defining a Moment: 25 New York Artists
Grand Central Art Center, Fullerton California, Aspects of Mel’s Hole, curated by Doug Harvey
Armory, Pasadena, Good Dolls, Bad Dolls, curated by Michael Duncan
Track 16, Santa Monica, “Some Paintings” The 2007 LA Weekly Annual Biennial, curated by Doug Harvey

NADA, Miami, VAN HORN (Dusseldorf), Smith-Stewart (New York)
GMUR, Berlin, Bonjour Monsieur Ensor
Espace Beaurepaire, Paris, Le Dernier Cri
Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany, Rockers Island
Mandrake, Los Angeles, (the) Melvins, Curated by Bob Nickas
Smith-Stewart, N.Y., Foam of the Daze
Clementine, N.Y., The Lizard Cult

Mary Boone Gallery, N.Y., Heartbreaker
Track 16, Santa Monica, 5 Stories High
Exit Art, N.Y., Wild Girls

New Image Art, Los Angeles, Truly She Is None Other
Future Prospects, Manila, Mystery Meat

Dallas Center for Contemporary Art, Dallas, Drawing Under the Influence
NADA Miami, Mixture Contemporary Art

Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, Comic Release
Mixture Contemporary Art, Houston, TX, Sweet Tooth
Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, Le Dernier Cri: Legendary Publishers of the International Underground, curated by Deen

Track 16, Santa Monica, The Godfrey Daniels School of Charm

Babilonia 1808, Berkeley, CA, Circos Globulos
Spin Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Princess Princess
University Of Texas Dallas, Dallas, TX, Hung

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, L. A., CA, Made in California, 1900-2000
The Drawing Center New York, N.Y., Selections Summer 2000
Adam Baumgold Fine Art, New York, N.Y., Quirky
Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Winter Park, Florida, Bizarro World! The Parallel Universe of Comics and Fine Arts
Barry Whistler Gallery, Dallas, TX, Luck of the Drawn

Pamela Auchincloss Gallery, New York, N.Y., The New Surrealism
Barry Whistler Gallery, Dallas, TX, Group Exhibition
DIRT Gallery, L.A., CA, The Last Spring

Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University, Orange, CA, Juvenescence
San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA, Double Trouble: The Patchett Collection
ENTWISTLE Gallery, London, England, Codex USA
The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, Conn., Pop Surrealism

Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, Il, Small Wonders
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, Colo., Art and Provocation: Images from Rebels
Joseph Helman Gallery, New York, N.Y., Nu Glu

Spring Street Gallery, L.A., CA, Group Exhibition
Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, Italy, New Pop

Morris Healy Gallery, New York, N.Y., Group Exhibition
Museo di Triennale, Milan, Italy, New Pop
Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, Il, Co Mix Art

Museum de Fortuny, Venice, Italy, New Pop
Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA, The Return of the Cadvre Exquis
New Langton Arts, San Francisco, CA, Tiny Shoes

Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, Il, Woman x 3
Exit Art, New York, N.Y., Comic Power
Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA, Kustom Kulture

Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, Il

La Foret Museum, Tokyo, Japan, American Pop

Otis Art Institute, L.A., CA, Bad Influences, curated by Deen

La Foret Museum, Tokyo, Japan, American Pop
Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, L.A., CA, Social Distortion, curated by Mike Kelley

Zero One Gallery, L.A., CA, Western Exterminators
Semaphore East, New York, N.Y.
Civilian Warfare, New York, N.Y.

Hallwalls, Buffalo, N.Y., Comic Relief


Lady Sings the Browns, Highways Performance Space, L.A. June 1 & 2, 2007
The Magnificent Obsession, ADM Projects, Los Angeles, 2006
A Baroque Prayer in Search of a Hearing Aid, Highways Performance Space, Los Angeles, 2006
The Heroine’s Trip, Toronto Alternative Art Fair at the Gladstone Hotel, Oct 2, 2004
Gorgonie Time, The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, Mar 4, 2004
The Troubador, Los Angeles, Mar, 2004
Cinespace, Los Angleles, June, 2004
14 Songs of Love, Adobe Books, San Francisco, Valentine’s Day, 2004
You Play the Fool this Time, REDCAT Gallery at Disney Hall, L.A., Dec, 2003
Mixture Contemporary Gallery, Houston, TX, Jan, 2002
Filthy Witch, Smart Gals Speakeasy, Los Angeles, Oct, 2003
Western Witch, Season of the (with Thurston Moore), New Image Art, L.A., Aug, 2003
You Play the Beast This Time, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, Oct 31, 2001


Callifornia College of the Arts, Oakland California, Jan 2004-May 2004 (visiting artist award)
OTIS Institute of Art, Los Angeles, Sept. 1982-Dec.1995
University of California Los Angeles, Feb. 1987-May 1987
The School of Visual Arts, New York, Sept. 1976-May 1978


Otago Polytechic School of Art, Dunedin, New Zealand, Oct.- Nov. 1999
University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois, Apr. 1999
Museo di Triennale, Milan, Italy, Jun. 1995


Blanton Museum of Art, Austin TX
San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Centro Cultural Asbaek, Mallorca, Spain
Peter Norton, New York
Eileen Norton, Santa Monica
Wilhelm Schuermann, Berlin
Olbricht Collection, Essen, Germany
Collection Ringier, Switzerland
Tom Patchett, Santa Monica
Fernando Fernández Garcia, Santander, Spain
Neuberger Berman, New York
A.G. Rosen, New York
Malou Babilonia, Berkeley
Danny Elfman, L.A.
Collette Brooks, Malibu


1980, MFA Cal Arts
1974, BFA East Texas State


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Rugoff, Ralph, Exterminating Angel, Los Angeles Weekly, Oct 11, 1985
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forever eve from the exhibition at Brand 10 Art Space, Ft. Worth, Tex, 2013
Southern Gothic Vol 1, Western Witch Publication, 2012
The Corncob Cotillion Went Thataway, Le Dernier Cri Press, 2011
Western Witch, Season of the, forward by Thurston Moore, Perceval Press, 2003
The Godfrey Daniels School of Charm at Track 16, Smart Art Press and Western Witch, 2002
Georganne Deen 1992-2002, essay by Doug Harvey, catalogue from The McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas Tex., 2002
Georganne Deen catalogue from The Power Plant, essay by Philip Monk, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1998
Georganne Deen an Exhibition of Paintings, essays by Michael Duncan and Amy Gerstler, Smart Art Press, Santa Monica, CA, 1997
If That’s All You Can Remember, poetry and paintings, Studio Camuffo, Venezia, 1997


January 6 – February 17, 2018 Psychic Violence in America

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